Accident occurs at Romanian nuclear power plant due to electrical failure

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BUCHAREST, March 29 (Xinhua) -- An accident occurred Thursday morning at Romania's Cernavoda nuclear power plant due to an electrical system failure, said the plant's operator Nuclearelectrica.

Nuclearelectrica said in a press release that the plant's Unit 2 reactor was automatically disconnected from the national energy system in the accident, which caused no impact on nuclear safety, people and the environment.

Experts are further investigating the cause of the accident and will make necessary repairs, it said.

In addition, it ruled out a potential link between the accident and a recent power reduction of the Unit 2 reactor.

The company said the reactor disconnection followed "a dysfunction at the electrical process system" in the old part of the power plant, which is located in Constanta county in southeastern Romania.

"There is no connection between the power reduction of Unit 2 from March 25" and its automatic disconnection Thursday, said the company.